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Skilled Manufacturing Labor

Job Location: Memphis, TN


Gibson Guitar Corp, is accepting applications for the following various Skilled Manufacturing Labor positions: Adjusters, Binders, Bodyline Technician, Buffers, Builders, Cleaners, Fillers, Machine Operators, Neck fitters, Neck Prep Technician, Repair Technicians, Sanders, Spray Painters, and Scrapers.

This position requires knowledge of the basic set up of guitars and other guitar assembly techniques. Position requires use of air, bench and hand tools. Candidate must be a capable guitar player and should know how the parts of the guitar are supposed to function.

This position binds the body of the guitar in the body line area. This position requires strenuous work with hands and attention to detail.

This position requires experience working with hands in very tedious operations. This position requires good hand-eye coordination.

Bodyline Technician
Responsible for building all guitar bodies according to schedule and perform all prep work associated with body building. Wood working experience required. Candidate must be able to distinguish between different types of wood. Familiarity with guitar models and body components preferred. Process flow understanding required.

This position buffs the guitar to achieve its final finish. It requires a great deal of upper body strength and attention to detail.

This position works in final assembly and installs hardware and electronics on the guitars after they have been painted and buffed. This position requires the use of air, bench and hand tools, and a soldering station. Good eye for detail required. Guitar knowledge preferred.

This position inspects and details guitars. This position also installs pick guards. This position requires use of air and hand tools. This position requires great attention to detail.

This position applies stain products to the guitar. Position requires attention to detail in a fast pace environment. Woodworking experience preferred.

Machine Operators
This position requires experience operating the following machinery: CNC, timesavers, planers, various presses, shapers, rotatory profilers, band saws, rip saws, and slack belt machines. This position requires good hand-eye coordination, basic math skills.

Neck Fitters
This position attaches the neck to the body of a guitar. It requires the use of basic woodworking tools. It also requires good hand-eye coordination and the ability to read micrometers and calipers. Woodworking experience preferred.

Neck Prep Technician
This position removes paint, lacquer and filler from between frets on the guitar. Incumbent uses files, hand scrapers, razor blades, sandpaper, steel wool, naptha and linseed. Experience with attention to detail required.

Repair Technicians
This position requires a multitude of guitar repair experience including but not limited to: sanding, spraying, color matching, and clear coating. Previous wood working background preferred.

This position provides the finishing sanding to the guitar. This position requires experience working with power or pneumatic tools. This position requires detail work experience. Woodworking experience preferred.

Spray Painters
This position applies paint to guitars using hand sprayers. Experience with sprayers a must. This candidate must possess the ability to distinguish color hues in various lighting in regards to color matching, HVLP, stains, furniture and auto body.

This position contributes to finishing the guitar by scraping excess paint off the guitar. This position requires detailed work experience using hands. Good hand-eye coordination a must.

VOS Spec Technician

Candidate must be able to work in a fast paced production environment. Physical requirements for all jobs include the ability to stand for 8-10 hours per day and lift up to 50 pounds. Mandatory overtime required on an as needed basis.

Candidates must be able to pass a drug screen as well as meet background check requirements.

Gibson offers competitive wages and benefits.

Gibson Guitar Corp. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer