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Free Ride
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Free Ride
Nashville guitarist, Mike Pachelli, takes a look at “Free Ride” as recorded by The Edgar Winter Group, for their 1972 album, They Only Come Out At Night. The song charted at no.14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and still remains a staple on many classic rock stations.
Edgar Winter is the brother of blues guitarist, Johnny Winter. Edgar was a child prodigy who received international success early in life. He formed The Edgar Winter Group in 1972 with Ronnie Montrose on guitar. another great guitarist, Rick Derringer, produced the project. With the combination of these two exceptional guitarists, “Free Ride” was bound to excel in pure guitar inventiveness. 
The song has one of the most recognizable riffs in rock guitar, thanks to Ronnie Montrose. In this lesson, we’ll examine that ingenious riff and talk about Ronnie’s use of the major and minor pentatonic scales. Something every guitarist should have under his fingers. 

Mike plays a Gibson USA Les Paul Classic in the lesson.

Mike Pachelli
    Mike Pachelli started playing guitar as a youngster in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. His earliest influence was Wes Montgomery who Mike says, "first opened my ears to the possibilities on guitar." Pachelli studied classical guitar at YSU and then moved to New York City to study bebop with guitar luminaries Joe Pass and Pat Martino. Mike's guitar style is an amalgamation of blues, jazz, rock, and neo-classical. He has a wealth of musical experience gained thru years of night clubs, concert halls, and recording studios. He's performed all over the U.S. and Europe with some of the most eclectic jazz, blues, pop and rock musicians including Brother Jack McDuff, Albert King, Les & Larry Elgart, Michael Sembello, Crystal Gayle, Barbara Mandrell, Jeanne Mas, Phil Keaggy, Frank Stallone (to name a few) and has done classical symphony concerts touring with Ferrante and Teicher.

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