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Iron Man
Ends 08.15.2012
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Iron Man
Khris Miller, guitarist and teacher from KM Music, shows you how to play a Rock classic, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. "Iron Man" was a part Black Sabbath's second studio album, Paranoid. While many people associate the song with the Marvel super hero "Iron Man," Black Sabbath wrote the song with no connection whatsoever to the character.

"Iron Man" is a great song that illustrates how to use power chords and lead lines. The song contains many musical interludes, change keys, change tempo, and will top it off with a blistering guitar solo.

Khris plays a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard in this lesson.

Khris Miller
    At age of fourteen, Khris Miller's mother and step-dad bought him his first a joke. Guitar became his passion, which he throughout the high school jazz band, playing for his church, in his local junior college's music department, and finally a degree in Guitar Performance from Berklee College of Music, Boston. An excellent teacher, Khris' inspirations span musical spectrums as broad as his own cultural background.

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