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    Five Questions Answered: KRK Monitor Speakers
    With KRK speakers installed in so many studios, questions are bound to come about how to get the most out of them
    My Favorite Music Documentaries on BluRay
    For as long as I can remember, one of my giddy pleasures has been music documentaries. Here are some music documentaries available on BluRay to let you hear them in pristine audio quality.
    Gibson Brands 2014 Christmas Gift Guide
    Here’s a handy gift guide with some Gibson Brands product that make choice presents and stocking stuffers.
    Fun with Alternate Tunings
    If ever you feel like you’re stuck in a guitar playing rut, there’s nothing quite as effective at pulling you out of it as experimenting with an alternate tuning.
    Rival Sons' Scott Holiday Talks Gibson Firebirds
    Rival Sons is one of 2014's breakthrough bands. Guitarist Scott Holiday talks riffs, Gibsons and more
    Play In Open G Tuning Like Keith Richards
    The discovery of open G tuning was a revelation for Keith Richards, who wrote about the experience with awe and reverence in his autobiography Life.
    Keith Richards’ 10 Coolest Guitar Riffs
    When it comes to The Rolling Stones’ signature riffs, Keith Richards has always been the band’s big daddy – especially during their golden era of the 1960s and ’70s, when various Gibson Les Pauls, ES models and Hummingbirds were often his instruments of choice.
    Johnny A in Boston Music Hall of Fame
    Gibson signature model artist Johnny A has been inducted into the Boston Music Hall of Fame, honoring his 40-year career.
    Billy Gibbons: A Les Paul Legend’s Deepest Influences
    Billy Gibbons is the high sheriff of Texas blues-rock, a style that no other band plays with the crunching authority of his group ZZ Top. For 44 years Gibbons and his cohorts Frank Beard and Dusty Hill have carved a constantly evolving swath through the low-down and hi-tech, leaving behind a trail of albums that, at their gritty best, have helped define the sound of American music.
    Holiday Gift of the Day: Thunderbird Bass 2015
    How the new Thunderbird Bass 2015 improves low-end sustain with a unique full contact Gibson bridge and expands bass tones with passive circuits.