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    The Gibson Les Paul's Boldest Ever Finishes
    Back in the day, Gibson Les Paul colors were relatively simple – various sunbursts, goldtop, black, white, TV yellow on Juniors and Specials, maybe a red... But while all these are still ongoing, bolder finishes have made their way into the Les Paul lineup.
    Gibson Brands Show Strong at Summer NAMM
    Strategically clustered near the front of the Music City Center, the Gibson Brands booths at this summer’s NAMM Show comprised a quick walking tour of the company’s diversity, displaying new products from Gibson, KRK Systems and Cakewalk, Cerwin-Vega! and TASCAM.
    Top 10 Metal Guitarists of All Time
    Of all of rock ‘n’ roll’s many styles, metal is the most brutal, with its high volume, broadening textures and pure drama. No matter the exact sub-genre, metal music is held together by a reliance on loud, riffing guitars and, of course, an inspiriting lead guitarist.
    Billie Joe Armstrong’s Gibson Guitars
    Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong turned 42 this month and during the last decade he’s matured into something of a vintage guitar aficionado. For his Gibsons, Armstrong relies on an array of Les Paul Juniors, Standards, Specials, an SG, an ES-335, his J-200s, an ES-135 and even a Custom Shop Les Paul.
    Ear Training: How I Learned Intervals from Black Sabbath
    If you can hum a riff, it’s often easier to figure out how far apart each note is on the fretboard. It goes both ways: singing a riff can help you to transfer it to guitar, while learning a riff on guitar and then transferring it to vocals can teach your subconscious self all sorts of helpful things about melody and rhythm that might not be apparent from looking at the fretboard.
    A Guitar Geek's Guide to Gibson Flying Vs and Explorers
    Gibson launched the Flying V and Explorer models in 1958, as part of the company’s Modernist range. Fifty-six years on, the two remain stunning examples of guitar design. They are “rock'n'roll meets The Jetsons” (thanks for that soundbite, Mr Billy F. Gibbons!) and remain two of the most radical guitars ever made and still made.
    Johnny Winter Remembered
    Guitar legend Johnny Winter was found dead at age 70 in his Zurich, Switzerland hotel room on Wednesday.
    3 Things That Suck About Music
    It’s the Worst Time to be a Musician: Don’t just take my word for it. The Nashville Business Journal ran a story this month.
    5 Bloodsucking Vampire Rock Songs
    Bloodsuckers are running a close second to zombies as the cool ghouls de jour, with True Blood about to kick into its final TV season and The Strain already sucking in viewers.
    The Power of the Onboard Boost
    We love distortion but we know that if our pickups are wound too hot, we’ll lose clarity and articulation.