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    Clutch’s Tim Sult: I'm a Happier Person If I Play a SG
    Whether he’s in the studio or on the road, Clutch guitarist Tim Sult turns to Gibson guitars to get the tone and growl to sustain the band’s towering sound.
    Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists
    When Stevie Ray Vaughan passed away in 1990, he left a void in the world of young blues musicians. Over the past twenty years we have seen the emergence of many talented blues guitarists. Here are ten of the most influential blues guitarists to come along over the past couple of decades. Do you agree with our choices? Voice your opinion in the comments section.
    Gibson's Les Paul Reference Monitors—Why They Matter
    Let’s get real: all companies say their speakers are transparent, accurate, and will change your life. So there’s no point in writing an article that says that.
    A Guitar Geek's Guide to Mandolins
    A guide to mandolin history and Gibson mandolins
    Les Pauls, SGs and Shock Rock
    Some artists have a gift for attracting sensational guitarists. That’s certainly true of Alice Cooper. Since launching his solo career in 1975, the shock rocker has seen his music propelled by a brilliant cast of six-stringers.
    Interview: Nashville Star And Gibson Player Jonathan Jackson on Tour
    Actor, musician and Gibson player Jonathan Jackson talks about his favorite Gibsons, acting and music’s connections, and his band Enation’s early summer tour.
    Bigbang Guitarist Talks Goldtops and Firebirds
    Øystein Greni from the Norwegian rock band Bigbang talk about his Gibson guitars, recording solos, and his live rig.
    The Quotable Pete Townshend: A Collection of His Thoughts, Then and Now
    It’s hard to imagine rock and roll guitar without Pete Townshend’s pioneering influence. From his revved-up flamenco flourishes to those wind-milled power chords, Townshend brought monumental gifts to the instrument, creating a style that impacted just about every rock player who came in his wake. Fans are currently seeing those talents on full display—perhaps for the last time—as The Who continue their “Who Hits 50!” anniversary tour. To mark a half-century of great Who music, we’ve scoured an array of past interviews to uncover Townshend’s thoughts on guitar-playing and other matters.
    The Gibson Guitars of Pete Townshend
    The Who’s Pete Townshend has played – and smashed – many different guitar brands over the years. But he had a ripe period when he played – and again smashed - Gibsons. From the mid’’60s to mid-‘70s – for many The Who’s glory days – Townshend relied on a variety of Gibson electrics and acoustics. Here’s a brief rundown.
    Women Rock Too!
    Let’s take a closer look at five powerful women in rock, some of whom are known to rock the world with their Gibson guitars!