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    Why I’m Daydreaming About The Les Paul Classic 7-String
    The Les Paul Classic 7-String is a little different to the 7-string versions of the Flying V and Explorer. Its passive pickups immediately place it in more of a traditional Gibson category, extra string notwithstanding. It has a mahogany body with traditional weight relief, glued-in mahogany neck with one-piece 22 fret rosewood fingerboard and a 12” fingerboard radius, all of which you can find on many different Les Pauls across the range.
    35 Years Ago Today — U2 Get A Record Deal
    February 26, 2015, marks the 35 year anniversary of the gig that landed U2 their record contract. The band put on a headlining show at Dublin’s National Stadium, which led to them signing a deal for four albums with Island Records.
    Catching Up with Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford
    Longtime Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford shares his thoughts on a range of topics, including his favorite guitars, his primary influences, his musical interaction with Joe Perry, and whether or not fans can expect a new Aerosmith studio album anytime soon.
    5 Great Pre-Nevermind Grunge Albums
    On Sept. 24, 1991, Nirvana released a bold, gripping, unapologetically different album called Nevermind. What I love about Nevermind is how the set seems to rebel against all things popular and mainstream at the time with a raw, buzzing musical sound and in-your-face, anti-rock star attitude.
    Dean Delray - There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’
    After slogging it out for half a decade doing comedy sets anywhere and everywhere he could, Dean Delray is now in high demand, with his name on the sign at the legendary Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard, playing to packed arenas with Russell Peters, even hosting and singing at the Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered concerts at the NAMM Show this past January.
    Five Recording Studio Necessities
    Although Gibson entered the pro audio arena years ago, the most recent additions to the family of Gibson Brands provides a complete set of integrated, innovative recording solutions.
    Comparing 2011 and 2015 Les Paul Traditionals
    My main workhorse for a few years has been my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. I love this guitar to bits. I selected it out of about ten or twelve different Traditionals, knowing that while each would sound like a Les Paul should, each individual piece of wood has its own visual and sonic character. So when a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional came to visit for a magazine review, I was intrigued to compare the two.
    The Gibson Guitars of Rise Against's Zach Blair and Tim McIlrath
    Here’s what Rise Against guitarists Tim McIlrath and Zach Blair has said about their many Gibson guitars over the years.
    Why Choose Stanton?
    Stanton, one of Gibson’s Pro Audio offerings, offers high-quality, professional audio products for DJs. Why choose Stanton? DJs dish.
    Know Your Nuts
    From bone to plastic to metal, Gibson guitars boast highly-crafted nuts that improve playability and tone