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    Musician’s Guide to YouTube
    You’ve conquered Facebook and Twitter. Now, it’s time to dig into one of the most important online tools for musicians: video-sharing website YouTube.
    In Search of the Perfect Tonewood
    For some, combing the forest in search of the perfect tonewood is akin to a mystical experience. That’s certainly the case for Lorenzo Pellegrini, a master tree picker who’s been working the forest for more than 70 years. Profiled last year by BBC News, Pellegrini, now 84, was introduced to Switzerland’s Risoud Forest a half-century ago. He’s lived there ever since.
    10 Guitar Heroes Name their Own Guitar Heroes
    As guitar players we all have our idols that got us to pick up the instrument in the first place. Sometimes those influences are directly indicative of the type of music we end up pursuing, but in some cases that initial contact with the world of rock or blues might just be a starting point and you end up veering off in a completely different direction.
    Unleashing The Acoustic Within Your Electric
    Some of us start out on acoustic guitar before 'graduating' to electric. Some of us stay on acoustic our whole lives. Some of us are electric shredders who don't require an acoustic guitar often enough to actually plonk down enough cash to own one, but we might need the sound of an acoustic on our tracks from time to time. This article is for them.
    The Joy Of PLEKs
    The fretboard is where a heck of a lot of our guitaristic expression occurs. It’s where our fingers contact the strings to sound specific notes (of course), and that means that it’s an intersection between the physical and conceptual aspects of our playing. It’s where the strings get pushed, bent, tapped, hammered, pulled, flicked and otherwise harassed in the name of art.
    You Must Own This Album: AC/DC Back in Black
    When the record landed in stores in August 1980, there was no picture of the band on the LP sleeve. In fact, there was no picture at all. Just an ominous black 12-inch square embossed with the name AC/DC and the words Back in Black. The somber-looking package contained one of the greatest rock albums of the ’80s—an album that, 27 years later, still makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, even more so if you know the story of how Back in Black came to be.
    Joe Bonamassa Talks Les Pauls
    For any guitarist, signature gear is a huge honor. It’s a vote of confidence from a guitar company that you love, and an entry into the esteemed ranks of folks such as Les Paul, Slash, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and many other greats. Joe Bonamassa has well and truly earned his place among these greats, playing professionally since a very young age and playing to countless thousands of fans, whether solo, with vocalist Beth Hart, or with his band of a few years ago, Black Country Communion.
    Jimmy Page’s Greatest Guitar Solos
    When the Edge and Jack White stare at another guitar player like wide-eyed teenage fanboys, that player must have some serious mojo — Rock of Gibraltar status. And Jimmy Page certainly has earned his place at the zenith of electric guitar history, crafting riffs and tones that will forever help define the sound of both rock and blues six-string.
    This Day in Music Spotlight: Sharona Gets The Knack
    It’s one of the most enduring riffs in pop history, and it took forever to turn into a song. Guitarist Berton Averre had noodled around with the snappy “bunna-nunna-nuh-nuh” chord sequence for ages, even before he joined the L.A. New Wave outfit, The Knack, in 1977. But he was never able to figure out just what to do with it.
    Alex Lifeson in His Own Words
    Alex Lifeson of Rush turns 61 on August 27 2014. Why celebrate Alex's 61st? Well, Rush are planning a 41st Anniversary Tour for 2015, so Gibson.com thought we'd stay as kookily contrary as the legendary Toronto trio.