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    10 Great Songs that Give Thanks
    As thousands of families gather this Thursday to give thanks (and to devour scrumptious turkey dinners), it seems appropriate to pause and consider the number of songs that contain expressions of gratitude. Anyone who doubts there are thousands of ways to say “Thank You” need only peruse this venerable list of compositions. From Abba (with “Thank You for the Music”) to ZZ Top, artists of every color and stripe have offered up humble missives of appreciation. Below are 10 such songs that represent the cream of this rich crop.
    Five Easily Overlooked 2015 Model Year Improvements
    Of the many new 2015 guitar features, some fly “under the radar” because they may not be as obvious as the others, or visible without taking the guitar apart. So let’s look at five easily overlooked features that make the new guitars more playable, increase sustain, and/or improve reliability.
    5 Black Friday Record Store Day Releases
    Check out five vinyl releases coming exclusively to your local record shop this Black Friday
    Electric Shock: Bob Dylan and Michael Bloomfield Change Music Forever
    Bob Dylan was the most popular folk artist in America in 1965 when he outgrew his original solo acoustic sound and cut the landmark album Highway 61 Revisited. Then he started a revolution. And he fired the first shot at the famous Newport Folk Festival on July 25, when he brought the electric band that played on that album – including the legendary guitarist Michael Bloomfield – to its stage.
    How Gibson G FORCE™ Automatic Tuning Works
    While most people are aware of Gibson’s automatic tuning technology, not everyone knows how it works—so here’s the inside story.
    10 Thank You Songs for Thanksgiving — And Just One’s a Turkey!
    Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey and stuffing. It’s about gratitude. So let’s celebrate that this year, and with apologies to Plymouth Rock, here are 10 songs about thankfulness that really rock.
    Five Guitar Wielding Actors
    Actors trying their hand at a music career is often not the best idea. The same goes for musicians trying to be actors for that matter. But there are exceptions to the rule! There are a handful of actors who have been able to complement their primary career with some success in the music industry. Today we’re taking a look at five actors who shares a passion for playing the guitar.
    Why Country Star Chase Bryant Loves His Les Paul Goldtop
    Country hit-maker Chase Bryant isn’t the only killer singer in the new video for his smash tune “Take It On Back.” His co-star is a gorgeous, rich voiced Les Paul Goldtop.
    Don’t Wimp it Up with a Bunch of Cowboy Chords
    The power chord is that most glorious, exhausted of guitar building blocks. Learn that classic power chord shape and you can play a shockingly wide variety of songs.
    De-Mystifying “Hi-Resolution” Audio: Sample Rates
    There’s a buzz about whether “CD-quality”—specifically, a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16 bits of resolution—is good enough. Is it? Here’s the scoop on sample rates and hi-resolution audio.