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    Setting Up a Hi-Fi System with Gibson Pro Audio
    Let’s take a look at what Gibson Brands has to offer when it comes to putting together a first-class hi-fi system!
    10 Star-Spangled Guitar Heroes
    Hendrix, Van Halen and other six-string kings who prove that when it comes to rock, blues and jazz, America’s first.
    Rock History’s 10 Greatest-Ever British Guitarists
    Beginning with the British Invasion, spearheaded by The Beatles in 1963, guitarists from the U.K. assimilated American guitar music and refashioned it into something harder, edgier, more inventive and, yes, even more melodic.
    Introducing the 2015 Gibson Custom CS Series
    The Gibson Custom Shop’s four new CS Series Les Paul Models blend vintage flair with modern playability.
    5 Great Modern Metal Guitarists
    When thinking of great metal guitarists, sure Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell come to mind. But what about guitarists making metal for the next generation? Gibson.com looks at 5 Great Modern Metal Guitarists who have helped keep things heavy well after the genre’s birth.
    Talking SGs with Monster Truck’s Jeremy Widerman
    Canada’s Monster Truck have an appreciation for the finer things in life: rock, loud amps, and Gibson SGs. We spoke to guitarist Jeremy Widerman.
    John Lennon’s Best Guitar Solos
    John Lennon, the revolutionary Beatle, was born on October 9, 1940, in working-class Liverpool, England. This year, he would have turned 74.
    The Joy Of PLEKs
    The fretboard is where a heck of a lot of our guitaristic expression occurs. It’s where our fingers contact the strings to sound specific notes (of course), and that means that it’s an intersection between the physical and conceptual aspects of our playing. It’s where the strings get pushed, bent, tapped, hammered, pulled, flicked and otherwise harassed in the name of art.
    5 Tips for Playing Like Duane Allman
    Duane Allman was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 20, 1946 — 68 years ago. And although he was lost in a tragic motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971, his legacy lives on in the Allman Brothers’ classic first three albums, Derek and the Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs, and the many recordings he made as a session player and sideman. And, of course, in his instantly recognizable sound.
    This Day in Music Spotlight: ‘Quarter to Three’ Goes to #1
    On this day in 1961, a song called “Quarter to Three,” credited to U.S. Bonds, began a two-week stay at the top of the American charts. Although the song had become hugely popular, it was shrouded in mystery.