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    Don’t Wimp it Up with a Bunch of Cowboy Chords
    The power chord is that most glorious, exhausted of guitar building blocks. Learn that classic power chord shape and you can play a shockingly wide variety of songs.
    De-Mystifying “Hi-Resolution” Audio: Sample Rates
    There’s a buzz about whether “CD-quality”—specifically, a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16 bits of resolution—is good enough. Is it? Here’s the scoop on sample rates and hi-resolution audio.
    5 Tips for Playing Like Duane Allman
    Duane Allman was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 20, 1946 — 68 years ago. And although he was lost in a tragic motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971, his legacy lives on in the Allman Brothers’ classic first three albums, Derek and the Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs, and the many recordings he made as a session player and sideman. And, of course, in his instantly recognizable sound.
    Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook on His M-4 Sherman and the State of Rock
    Five Finger Death Punch don’t shy away from a fierce, pit-worthy live show. The Las Vegas guys have spent much of this autumn on the road with Danish metallers Volbeat, and now, the band is taking a break from touring and starting to think about their next album.
    The Kinks’ Dave Davies Talks about His New Album, Gibson Guitars and a Possible Kinks Reunion
    It’s been 50 years since Dave Davies changed the rock and roll landscape with The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” a sonic milestone that ushered in the idea of guitar distortion. That song and other Kinks classics assured the band a prime spot in the pantheon of monumental British rock bands.
    Home Recording with Gibson Pro Audio
    With the ever increasing processing power of computers, and advancements in software, home recording has become easier than ever. When I started getting into playing guitar and recording demos in the early nineties I had to use a crappy 4-track cassette recorder. That was all I could afford to buy, and it was still pretty expensive.
    Gibson Interview: Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale
    Halestorm singer and guitarist Lzzy Hale is taking a temporary break from the road (Halestorm are back on tour soon though, see below). Back home in Nashville, she popped by the Gibson offices to chat about, among other things, her recently released Limited Edition Lzzy Hale Explorer. It’s white and gold and about as cool as an Explorer you’ll ever see.
    5 Tips for Buying a Pro DJ Turntable
    If you’re starting to spin vinyl, but unsure what you need in a good, dependable turntable, here are five things to look for...
    The DR-22WL: Personal Music Player, Too
    Although the breakthrough wireless features are getting the most attention with TASCAM’s new handheld recorders, it’s important to remember they have lots of other talents.
    The Dave Grohl 335 Returns!
    It's been a long time since we, erm, rock 'n' Grohl-ed. Sorry about that, but after seven years the Dave Grohl ES-335 is back for a limited time only, in classic Pelham Blue and new, striking Gold Metallic.