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    Guitar Talk: Royal Bliss’ Taylor Richards on Jimmy Page, Les Pauls and More
    Richards and the guys of Royal Bliss got together in the late-‘90s in Salt Lake City. The group quickly became at one with the road, touring frequently and playing hometown shows.
    Studio 101: Get Your Rig Ready for Recording
    Gigs are great, but they pass quickly and other shows loom ahead. Recording is forever and requires a different level of preparation. Your guitar and every piece of gear you depend on in your signal chain should be primed to create the best sound possible, so you can feel comfortable and play well in the studio, and make a terrific sounding album, single or demo.
    The Raw Thrills of the Gibson Melody Maker
    Gibson electrics are, to some laymen, known for lavish tops and exquisite carving. But Gibson also excels at a straight-out-the-box rocker, a prime example being the Melody Maker.
    Five Good Reasons to Record ALL your Playing
    In today’s ultra-busy world, time to do what we all love — play guitar — is at a premium. Working musicians are on the road or in the studio playing gigs, or on the phone or computer scheduling more gigs. And for working Janes and Joes who play — even musical weekend warriors (and I use that term with respect, because if you rock, you rock) — the pressures of balancing a day job and personal life with any semblance of time for music are considerable.
    How to Get 13 Different Pickup Sounds with the 2014 Les Paul Standard
    The Les Paul Standard is known for setting a standard with respect to looks and playability. Now innovative electronics take the Burstbucker Pro pickups’ sonic options much further—without active electronics, batteries, or anything other than some clever pickup wiring.
    Record Store Day and the Vinyl Frontier
    You would think that with decades of development, we’d be listening to music in a digital form so advanced that it would feel like the musicians are right there in the room with you. And sure, that’s what it’s like if you’re using a very high-end sound system with a lossless medium.
    10 Great One-Man-Band Albums
    The advent of user-friendly technology and reasonably-priced studio gear has made do-it-yourself recordings a relatively uncomplicated affair.
    The Gibson SG: 50 Essential Facts
    The SG has been played by a huge number of legendary guitarists, taking in blues, pop, gospel, metal and jazz, and remains a classic marque of the Gibson brand.
    Angus Young — Rocking the World on a Gibson SG
    With six models of the Gibson SG in our 2014 product line, there’s certainly something there for everyone. From the stylings of the 2014 Derek Trucks Gibson SG to the bare-bones Gibson SGJ, there’s a guitar for every budget.
    Meet the Latest Les Paul Standards
    When the Gibson Les Paul arrived in 1952, it was an innovative solid body guitar with incredible sustain and tone — so functional and satisfying that by 1958 it had become known as the Les Paul Standard . (Of course, that was also a way to distinguish it from the Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Junior and Les Paul Special — which had all arrived on the scene by then.)