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The Gibson Moustache™ Bridge Part One.

This is part one of a two part series of the iconic Gibson Moustache™ bridge, from a builder's view. The Gibson Moustache Bridge has for decades been a key and distinctive element to Gibson’s Acoustic Flagship model, the SJ-200. For part one we will focus on the crafting of the Moustache™ Bridge itself.  

In the picture below, Master-builder Jim Davies inserts the finest Mother Of Pearl inlays into the carved Rosewood blank. The blank is hand selected, aged and seasoned to provide a lifetime of use.

The Gibson Moustache Bridge

After carefully securing the inlays in place, Jim will begin the high detailed sanding process as we see in the pictures below.

The Gibson Moustache BridgeThe Gibson Moustache Bridge
After Jim meticulously sands the bridge to a smooth, high detail finish he will move the bridge on to the buffing process, this is where the striking characteristics of the Rosewood and Mother of Pearl will shine through.

The Gibson Moustache BridgeThe Gibson Moustache Bridge

And in the picture below, the finished product. 

The Gibson Moustache Bridge

Next week, for The Gibson Moustache™ Bridge Part Two, we will look at the placement of the bridge to the guitar top itself.

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