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NAMM 2010

Gibson USA announced the new Slash Guitar at NAMM 2010 on Saturday, January 16th.  Slash came by the booth on Saturday at 3PM to sign autographs and have some personal time with his new guitar.  After signing some autographs, Slash went into a private room to play the new guitar for a few minutes. 

While at NAMM, I had the opportunity to sit through a three song set by Aaron Lewis of Staind.  The last song he played was Country Boy.  We also had the opportunity to meet Ted Nugent who stopped by for a brief moment.  While there, he gave me the official Ted Nugent Stick Man Autograph on my very own napkin.  Check it out.


We will be launching several guitars throughout the coming months so stay tuned.  February will be a particularly hot month with two new guitars that will be announced soon. 

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Gibson USA presented the Dusk Tiger to people attending CES in Las Vegas January 7th through January 10th, 2010.  Audiences were impressed with the sound, feel and playability of the next generation robot guitar.  With multiple stations set up to play the guitar and see the software, the Dusk Tiger had plenty of individual play time with attendees. 

Starting on Thursday, January 14th, Gibson USA will be displaying the Dusk Tiger at NAMM in Anaheim, California.  This event runs through January 17th and we look forward to seeing you there.  If you come by the booth, we will have a Dusk Tiger ready to pounce.  Try the Dusk Tiger and experience the type of innovation that made the original Les Paul Guitar the standard for a generation to come. 

We will also have special guests in the booth throughout the show.  Along with that, we will be announcing a new guitar available in 2010.  The exact date is still to be determined but stay tuned.  We are also working on the 2010 Les Paul Standard which will blow you away.  The 2010 guitar will be the answer to many comments we have had over the last two years. 

I will be enjoying the show and all that NAMM has to offer so if you see someone from Gibson USA be sure to say hello. 

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Robot and Dark Fire Guitars

Gibson USA is pleased to announce replacement items for first generation Robots and Dark Fire as early as January 2010.  We have to work through details on all of the components and then we will make them available to you.

We will have the Robot Battery, Power Plug Adapter, Robot Charger, RIP hex to MIDI Cable, Dark Fire Battery Pack, Dar Fire Charger/Split Box and the Dark Fire Transformer/Power Adapter available soon.  These components will be available to replace existing equipment which may have failed or was unavailable at the time of purchase. 

We will also be making the PowerHead Tuners, MCK Knob, CPUs and Dark Fire System Poti available as well.  However, these components will need to be installed at our Service Centers.  These products require special handling due to the electronics. 

For those of you wanting to upgrade your first generation robot guitars, we are working on a package to do just that.  The current challenges involve making new electronics that fit the original guitars.  The new tuners developed for Dark Fire required a significant change to the form of the original robot guitar which we knew would not please our customers.  With some new electronics modifications, we have overcome those challenges. 

We are preparing some prototypes in the factory now.  As we go through this process, I will update the blog and keep you in the loop.

 Happy Holidays to you and yours from Gibson USA!

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Passion for Your Guitar

This is Chris Anderson and I am excited to be talking to you again about Gibson Guitars. I’m on my second week here and I am starting to gain a better understanding of the deep passion that each and every one of you has for your Gibson. You know what I am talking about. It’s about the first time that you met and she had your attention! That feeling of excitement and awe that led you to the question, should I have her?  Can she be mine? The point where all rational thought left you and you convinced yourself that life without her would not be worth much.  I’m talking about the passion for your guitar that only true guitar-heads feel and understand. Yes, it is also about the music, but it’s more about the guitar that you hold every night before you nod off. It’s about the one that keeps you playing longer than you should and with more passion that you thought possible.   It’s the one and only Gibson!

Keep it real and keep it Gibson!

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Hello from the Gibson USA Shop Floor!

Chris Anderson here and I am making my first visit to the Gibson Plant.Over the next two weeks I will be visiting each production step in the process of producing a Gibson Electric guitar and sharing it with you.The making of a high quality Gibson Guitar is truly amazing!

So, it all starts with the wood!Truckloads of wood are delivered to the plant each week.That is when the experience and expertise of the wood specialists at Gibson come into play.They base their decisions on which wood works best based on grain, color, moisture content and overall quality.This group manages the initial wood preparation (planing and sanding) and body cuts (based on style).When these are completed the materials move up to the main plant floor to begin their journey towards becoming a Gibson Guitar.

Here I am with Brian Steppy who manages the rotary cutting of guitar necks.

Joey Green explains to me the intricacies of choosing wood for body cuts.

Their expertise comes from years of on-the-job experience, training, and most importantly, the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next.These craftsmen are the first step in making sure that the Gibson you purchase delivers the quality and workmanship you have come to expect!

See you next time! Keep it real and keep it Gibson!

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Life in Music City USA – Day 3

This is Chris Anderson again and I have hit the ground running. It’s a whirlwind of activity here at Gibson and I am seeing some very cool stuff. Guitar fans everywhere are going to be blown away with what is coming down the road from Gibson. Special Artist runs, Raw Power, Zoot Suits, and especially Dark Fire.

Prepare to be “wowed”!

Until next time, keep it real and keep it Gibson!

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Hello from Music City USA!

This is Chris Anderson and I am the newest member of the Gibson Family in Nashville, Tenn. I have joined Gibson as the Product Manager for the USA Division, and I am right in the middle of my first week with the company. In my new job I’ll be focusing on product marketing and product innovation for all Gibson electric guitars worldwide with an intense focus on the consumer. That’s you! I’m going to want to know what you are thinking about when it comes to guitars. So, tune into the blog and let me know what’s on your mind.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting updates on how things are going for me at Gibson. I’ll let you know what I am learning about Gibson, the various parts of the company and especially the people who make Gibson great.

It is going to be a great journey, and I hope you will join me.

Talk to you soon!

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Live from The Plant Floor

Attention guitar fans: Be on the look out for some new “colorful” guitars coming out soon.
Gibson USA plant
We have a brand new guitar coming up with the people from Rutland Corp. It will be a very limited run of some special Carved Top SGs. 
Here is (L to R) Gene Nix-Gibson Wood Specialist; Jack Barrett - CEO of Rutland; Herb Jenkins - Gibson Purchasing; Don Smith - Rutland.

Gibson USA plantGibson USA plantGibson USA plant
This special Zoot Suit Series will be in production soon so look for the guitar rack at your favorite store to have some new additions, but I’m betting they won’t last long.

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