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Beck Plotting 2014 Comeback with Two Albums

Russell Hall

Apparently recovered from a chronic spinal injury, Beck will end a six-year fallow period by releasing two albums in 2014. Speaking to NME magazine, the acclaimed songwriter said he once feared his health woes might end his career. “I had a few years where I thought that was probably it for me,” he said. “I mean, I'd always make music, but you have to be out there, waving a flag, saying, ‘Hey! Over here!’”

Beck added that the resumption of his ability to play guitar was especially gratifying. “[When I was able to play guitar again] there was a lot of joy,” he said. “It was a relief for me. I'd been looking at that guitar for years, wishing that I could pick it up, wanting to be able to play it again. So there was a lot of emotion when I finally did.” In October, Beck revealed he would release an album titled Morning Phase in 2014. The title of the second album has not been determined.

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