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Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler Won't Miss the World Cup Games

Anne Erickson
Black Sabbath

Geezer Butler is a huge soccer fan, so much so that his band mate Tony Iommi wants to make sure Butler doesn’t get so tired watching the World Cup games that he can’t perform with Black Sabbath. As the Birmingham Mail reports, Butler “has booked pubs, clubs and hotel lounges throughout Europe” to ensure he won’t miss any of the World Cup action, especially the games of his native England.

Iommi told the Birmingham Mail, “I’ve warned Geezer not to burn the midnight oil (watching late-night games) too often -- or he’ll be too tired for the gigs!”

Whenever Butler, 64, has a day off from Black Sabbath’s current tour, he’s been using it to watch the World Cup matches. He’s also sneaking in games while the band is touring.

Of course, he has his favorites. “Geezer is a huge football (soccer) fan,” Iommi said. “He’s been watching every game he can, no matter who’s playing, but the England matches are especially important.”

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