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Hendrix Wanted a Bigger Sound

Andrew Vaughan
Jimi Hendrix

According to Classic Rock, Jimi Hendrix’s sister believes Jimi was getting ready to develop his sound before his tragic death.

Janie Hendrix told KISW: “What he was trying to do was create this new sound. He told my dad: ‘You’re going to be doubly proud of me.’ He was bringing all these instruments like he did at Woodstock. The way he was describing it in 1969 was what Earth Wind & Fire became. That’s what we would have had: richer, bigger bands with more sounds and more cultures. There would have been a definite evolution.”

Hendrix would have turned 70 this year and Janie believes he would still have been involved in rock and roll: “He’d still be playing music. He’d be doing what he was doing then: encouraging kids to play, buying them guitars.”

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