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The Villains’ Michael Wilkes Calls the Gibson Les Paul ‘the Perfect Guitar’

Anne Erickson
Villians Michael Wilkes by Drew Crozier

Villains guitarist Mike Wilkes recently chatted with about why he believes the Gibson Les Paul is “the perfect guitar.”

“My go-to guitar is a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard. I’ve had it since ’95,” he said. “I bought that guitar so long ago, but it’s pretty much been my go-to ever since. I’ve never had a problem; I’ve never had it go out at a gig. I’m a Gibson player, through and through!”

Wilkes added that Les Pauls handle his hard-hitting playing style and busy gigging schedule.

“I’m a very aggressive guitar player. I use a lot of heavy vibrato and a lot of sustain, and a Les Paul, to me, is the perfect guitar,” he said. “I’ve been a working musician going on 15 years, and you want a reliable guitar that you can depend on, then you want a Gibson! I remember when I first started playing my Les Paul, all of a sudden, I started getting more gigs!”

Check back for’s full interview with Wilkes next week, and listen for the Villains’ new single, “Cadillac,” to hit the airwaves soon.

Photo: Drew Crozier

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