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Pickups and Electronics

Pickups Model
The Explorer GT is equipped with a pair of U.S.A.-designed ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups, including a 650R in the neck position and an over-wound 700T in the bridge. Pickups

Tonal Characteristics
With their high-output ceramic magnets, these pickups add more highs with increased definition without any muddiness. Slightly over-wound, the hotter 700T bridge pickup is smooth and clear but can give you a little extra scream or growl when you need it while never losing its rich combination of enhanced lows and crystal clear highs. The 650R neck pickup yields outstanding warmth for creamy, vocal blues and rock tones, but with plenty of definition to help you cut through the mix.
Independent volume and tone controls and a three-way selector switch provide the sonic versatility for which so many classic Epiphone and Gibson guitars are renowned. New on the Explorer GT, a push-button “Kill Switch” in the dual-purpose Master Tone control mutes the guitar’s signal output when pressed, allowing you to create dramatic Buckethead-style effects. Electronics Controls