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The body is made from solid mahogany, a tonewood that provides excellent warm, depth and clarity in this application. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
The body wood yields a tonal response akin to that of several of the most popular guitars in the history of rock and metal. Like the solid-mahogany bodies of Epiphone and Gibson SGs, Les Paul Customs, later Flying Vs and Explorers and other stand-out models, the mahogany in the “Annihilation-V” contributes to its outstanding midrange punch, low end warmth, and high end clarity, while adding sustain and harmonic complexity to the overall brew.
The labor-intensive hand-finishing process used by Epiphone involves applying a sealer coat to the body and neck, after which the wood is hand-sanded. Body and neck are then individually finished using rubbed-on stains and a final clear coat. In total, four coats are applied with hand sanding in between each, and the final coat is hand-buffed, to a satin black texture or a high gloss red.
The “Annihilation-V” is made in the shape of a Gibson and Epiphone’s legendary Flying V guitar. Body Design
Available Finishes
The “Annihilation-V” is finished in your choice of Annihilation Red gloss or Pitch Black satin. Annihilation Red Pitch Black