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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark The Kramer Nite V
Night V
Taking its cue from one of the most iconic guitar shapes in the history of rock, and updating it in classic Kramer style, the Night V piles on the evil to embody the dark side of the midnight hour. Working from the cornerstone of a body that is distinctly chopped and contoured, this "updated-V-shaped" creation packs all the tools for gut thumping thrash and metal, with a rock-solid simplicity and a superb playability that put it at the head of the night-prowling pack. A Satin Black finish and "thorn" fingerboard inlays let all comers know that the Nite V is up to no good, and send a stark warning to those afraid of the dark!

What counts most, though, is the solid yet sweet tone that this distinctive guitar belts out, thanks to two genuine Alnico V humbucking pickups and all the bold, ringing resonance that only a full-scale solidbody electric guitar can produce. Naturally the Nite V's fast, comfortable neck yields to your swiftest shred, and the simple, solid hardware set offers optimum sustain, or go for maximum attitude with the Nite V FR option with licensed Floyd Rose™ vibrato system. Venture out at Nite, tune in to the dark side, and get your thrash on!

Like all quality instruments, the Nite V begins with classic ingredients that are capable of producing sweet, resonant tones right from the ground up. The guitar's solid mahogany body provides all the rich resonance and depth that this legendary tonewood is known for, while a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard combine for a sharp attack with enhanced warmth and texture. Add them together with the Nite V's longer 25-1/2" scale length too, and you're talking maximum ring and resonance from a guitar that's ready for action right out of the box. Through-body stringing and a hard-tail bridge with fully adjustable independent saddles on the Nite V just seals the deal, providing outstanding strings-to-body coupling and unparalleled sustain.

On the Nite V FR, a licensed Floyd Rose™ vibrato tailpiece yields to all the whammy action you can muster, from subtle wobbles to dramatic divebombs, all while keeping the guitar's tuning perfectly locked and loaded like only a "double-locking" system can do. Plugged in, the Nite V's genuine Alnico V humbucking pickups give you everything from wailing lead tones to bone-crushing crunch to throaty blues voices, with authentic single-coil tones available via the tapped neck pickup on a push/pull Tone control. Simple, solid, scorching – the Nite V and Nite V FR are ready to do all the dirty deeds you might want to perform in the dark.

Check them out now at your authorized Kramer dealer.
Pricing & Finish
  • Satin Black FR
    $633.99 msrp
  • Satin Black
    $581.99 msrp
Product Features
  • Solid mahogany contoured body with Satin Ebony finish
  • Maple neck with popular slim, wide neck profile
  • Two Alnico V humbucking pickups
  • Recessed Floyd Rose™ vibrato or string-through bridge with adjustable saddles
  • One master volume control with treble-bleed, one tone control with coil taps, and a three-way switch
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