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A Real SG, Only Smaller! The SG Express from Epiphone
SG Express
Epiphone's SG Express captures the look, sound, and feel of the most legendary guitars in the history of rock—the Gibson and Epiphone SG—but puts that power and playability in a smaller package for younger players, those with smaller hands, or for travel use. Its neck dimensions are similar to those of a full-sized guitar, but the SG Express is built to a more compact 22" scale length as compared to 24.75" scale of a full-size SG. The result is a guitar that's more comfortable to play—especially for smaller musicians—while still maintaining good string tension when tuned to standard "E".

In every other way, the SG Express is built like a full-on rock machine, with two genuine USA-designed high-output humbucking pickups, master volume and tone controls and a three-way toggle switch, and time-tested tonewoods in the form of a solid mahogany body and solid hard maple neck. Ultimately, the SG Express is shorter of scale, but big on tone and features, making it the perfect instrument for the younger player, or the experienced guitarist seeking a grab'n'go axe for travel use. It looks superb, too, in Worn Black matte finish with black "top hat" knobs and chrome hardware.

Pricing & Finish
  • Worn Black
Product Features
  • Solid Mahogany with hard Maple neck
  • Features Epiphone 650R and 700T Humbuckers
  • Fully-adjustable "fixed" bridge with a string-through body design
  • Premium, 14:1 ratio die-cast tuners
  • Custom "Express sized" padded gigbag
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