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Jam-Along CDs

The Jam-Along CDs are the favorite part of Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar for many of our students. These CDs allow you to practice your songs with recordings of an actual live band, making practice time far more enjoyable.

All of the Jam-Along songs are featured in the Lesson Book so that you can follow along with the notation. Many of the Jam-Along songs are featured in the DVD workshops, giving you a chance to learn how to play each one directly from Steve.

For convenience, all of the nearly 100 tracks included on the Jam-Along CDs are mixed so that you can turn the recorded guitar part down or off using the balance control on your stereo. This allows you to solo with the band-minus-guitar whenever you want. It’s an excellent way to improve, and with the full band, it sounds very impressive when playing for friends.

During the early parts of the course, the Jam-Along tracks play at different speeds (slow, medium, and fast) so you can start slow and pick up the pace as you improve.