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Lessons, DVDs & Workshops
Over 40 hours of instruction on 20 DVDs produced in High Definition. These are the heart of Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar.

Each lesson is clearly explained and demonstrated, so you know exactly what and how to practice. The videos were recently awarded two Telly awards for excellence in the categories of Education and Use of Music.

Steve starts you off at the very beginning, so even if you have never picked up a guitar, you won't be left behind. You'll learn the parts of the guitar, proper techniques for playing either left-handed or right-handed, how to tune your guitar with an electric tuner (or mobile app!) and by ear. He will also show you how to read guitar tablature and chord blocks. This will give you a solid foundation and start you on your way.

Watch part 1 of Session 1 below.

Check out the entire Session 1 video on our Lessons page

Advanced Lessons
Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar gives you complete step-by-step video guitar lessons that take you from any skill level, even if you're a total novice, through the advanced skills training used by the pros. In Session 18 Steve teaches you Jazz Chords and Chord Progressions.

Watch part 1 of Session 18 below.

Check out the entire Session 18 video on our Lessons page

Each Session also has a corresponding Workshop. These Workshops contain Exercises and Tips to help you practice the materials from the Session.

Steve will provide you with the techniques you need to learn to play the guitar, however you will need to practice to become a great guitar player. The Bonus Workshops are a vital part of your training.

Watch the Session 1 Workshop below.

Exclusive Gibson videos
Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar also contains some great exclusive Gibson videos. See behind the scenes at the Gibson USA and Custom Shop factories, learn about the life of the Legendary Les Paul, plus along the way Gibson's Product Evangelist, Bart Walsh will talk to you about the great Gibson guitars Steve plays throughout the course.

Bart discusses the features of the Les Paul guitar.