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Level 1 - Wannabe - Slow
Level 1 - Wannabe - Slow 

You weren't meant to play a plastic controller.
You want to rock for real!

Try Guitar Apprentice FREE and you'll know how easy it is to learn real guitar.
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We take the guitar part of hit songs and break it down into easy portions on multiple levels, so that it's as painless to learn as a video game. On the lowest level, you play only a little of the guitar part, often just one or two chords, while Guitar Apprentice provides the rest. You get to rock along with the whole song, just supplying a chord or two! As you move up through the levels, you play more and more, until you reach the highest level, and you're playing the entire song!

Guitar Apprentice - Easy to Read Fingerboards

There's no need to read music. Just line up your fingers as shown on the fretboards moving down the screen, and strum your guitar as they drop into place.


1)    Watch How to Play Guitar Apprentice for a complete description of how this works.
2)    Skip chords! When starting a new level, or even on your first level, don't try to play all the chords shown. Play the easy chords first, skipping the rest, and then add in more as you repeat the level.
3)    Use "Pause" to figure out the fingerings.
4)    Click full screen to see better. For the ideal experience, play it on your TV.
5)    Visit for more Tips and Tricks that will help you get the most out of your Guitar Apprentice Experience!

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Wannabe Apprentice Opener Headliner Rock Legend
1 - Slow 4 - Slow 7 - Slow 10 - Slow 13 - Slow
2 - Medium 5 - Medium 8 - Medium 11 - Medium 14 - Medium
3 - Full Speed 6 - Full Speed 9 - Full Speed 12 - Full Speed 15 - Full Speed

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