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Open Chords
Open Chords
Open chords are the foundation, the starting place for most rhythm guitar playing. If you can master these open chord forms, you’ll be able to play an incredible amount of songs. This workout starts easy and gradually becomes more and more challenging. We’ll work through 30 exercises of the basic open chords that every guitar player needs to know and have ready to be used at a moment’s notice: major chords, minor chords, seventh chords, minor seventh chords, and even a few suspended chords.

The power workouts are hands-on time with your guitar to practice a specific technique or skill.

This workout covers…

• Open Major, Minor, Seventh, Minor Seventh, and Suspended Chords
• Exercises that Start Slow and Gradually Become More Challenging
• Changing Between Chords Quickly
• Strumming Patterns

If you can keep up with me all the way to the end then you have a pretty good understanding of the basic open chords. Workouts like this build up your chord dexterity and speed so you’ll be ready when you see these chords in music. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s get started! - Steve Krenz

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Steve plays a Gibson J-45 Standard in this lesson.

Steve Krenz
    Steve Krenz

As an instructor, Steve is best known for the top-selling guitar instruction course, Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar. He has helped thousands of students in over 95 countries across the globe to learn, improve, and master the guitar.

Steve's performing experience covers a large gamut, from playing guitar with the symphony orchestra, to jazz big bands, to performing with Grammy-winning artists like Donna Summer, Michael W. Smith, The Fifth Dimension, Israel Houghton, and Tommy Sims (producer, renowned bass player for Bruce Springsteen and co-writer of Eric Clapton's Grammy-winning song "Change the World").

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