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Gibson Original’s David Harvey to Appear with Tim May at Fiddle & Pick

the 75th Anniversary F-10 mandolin the 75th Anniversary F-10 mandolin the 75th Anniversary F-10 mandolin For all of you Gibson vintage instrument fans who love the early 1900s Gibson mandolin orchestra instruments, there is a golden opportunity to see and hear these legendary instruments at 7:30 p.m. this Friday, May 1st at the Fiddle & Pick event in Pegram, Tenn.

Among the numerous instruments that will be in attendance will be two Loar-signed instruments: ’24 F5 mandolin and an H5 mandola. Also in attendance will be Tim May’s 14-piece matching collection, which is extraordinarily rare and impressive. David Harvey will also have many of his personally owned instruments there as well. Included will be a K4 mandicello, H4 mandola, F4s, F2, A4s, A3 and a very rare Style O guitar and Style U harp guitar.

David and Tim deftly take you through the instruments by providing some detail about each instrument, sharing insight into some of the early Gibson history and masterfully playing each instrument with a set of material that is truly awe inspiring.

Also in attendance will be some of the current Gibson Original offerings including the Sam Bush ’34 Fern, the 75th Anniversary F-10 mandolin and an F4-Hybrid.

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