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Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones to Release New Album

Russell Hall
John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones is set to release the debut album by Minibus Pimps, his collaborative project with Norwegian ambient musician Helge Sten. Titled Cloud to Ground, the album is said to incorporate sounds generated by a computer-based sound design system—called Kyma—that creates mutations in recordings made with conventional instruments. As reported by The Guardian, the album will also feature live performances by Jones and Sten, who first began staging shows together in 2011. The title track has been described as a “monstrous duet for icicles and cathedral organ.” Sten, who has also released music under the moniker Deathprod, says the music on Cloud to Ground “contains composed and improvisational elements on an equal scale.” Cloud to Ground will be released March 3 on the Norwegian label, SusannaSonata.

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