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Petty Resume Work on New Album

Daniel Eriksson
Tom Petty

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers took a break from recording their follow up to 2010's Mojo to do some touring over the summer, but now the band is back in the studio. "I always say this, but I'm tremendously excited for this one," Petty told Rolling Stone in a recent interview, adding "It's not like anything we've ever done."

Petty is pleased with how the new album is turning out, saying "I think people are gonna like it. We're at a place where we're nearly done with it. I didn't play anything [live] because I've worked so hard on the sound of the record, I don't want people's first impression to be over YouTube, you know? We're nearly done with it so I would think early next year, it'll be out." Although the album is almost done, there's no title yet. As far as style goes, Petty says the album resemble songs written around the time of Wildflowers from 1994 and Damn The Torpedoes from 1979, saying "it comes from a blues place and it's much more distorted."

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